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I am not offering a recruitment service! I will not try to find the right person for your business or try and find individuals a new position! I leave that to the experts.

What I am offering is a total system that will assist with your recruitment. Hiring new employees is an expensive and time consuming task. get it wrong and you waste time, money and have to repeat the process (and potentially have to find ways of removing the incumbent without falling foul of Employment Tribunals).

I designed this system in the mid 1990's when I had to interview dozens of people and find 15 new customer service personnel (see the customer service page for more details). It involved group interviews, as well as one to ones, a company presentation, aptitude tests (I am a member of MENSA but don't let that put you off!!), assessment systems and allowing the applicants to compete with each other. When it was first used we employed the 15 people some of which are still with the company 13 years later and we lost very few, if any, due to hiring the wrong person. So it must work! I have used the system many times since and am quite happy to pass this system on, either through training on it or running it for you.