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Welcome to Dave & Di Morgan's website.

This website was originally set up as a Christmas present from Dave to Di to allow her to share her love of dogs and dog showing - and that remains the main intention of it. Hence the navigation bar above will take you straight into the parts of the website dedicated to our dogs and dog showing.


However, in order to share other activities that we are involved in there are other links available on the navigation bar below. These include links to Dave's business consultancy service, our garden (we open for the National Garden Scheme), various musings (writings) mainly from Dave, our artwork and links to other organisations and interests we are involved in.


Our email address is 


Finally if you are interested in why "Meandi" - the answer is quite simple - it means "Me and Di" and it is what we came up with for a kennel name for the Kennel Club when Di bred her first litter of puppies. We did try it the other way round (with Di first) but it didn't sound right so we stuck with Meandi despite the fact that dog showing and breeding is really Di's interest.

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