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Having worked for a Business Systems company for 18 years, designing systems for accounting, stock control, sales management, invoicing and various other business activities, I believe I have a reasonably good understanding of most aspects of Business Administration, Systems and Procedures. I have also worked with my last company to help them achieve ISO9001-2008 at the first attempt.

Many businesses try and run "on the back of an envelope" without proper structures in place, which can be fine for a short period, but as the business grows, or if anything happens to the people who know what they are doing, the business can find itself with real problems. So formal structures, systems and procedures are vital.

Usually the systems and procedures are in place - they are what people do every day in their individual roles without even thinking about it  - it is just that they not formally documented and checked. Often the reason for this is that no-one has the time to do it, and for smaller companies, hiring a Business Administrator is out of the question. This is where I can help.

I can either help create procedures or document what is there already, whether that documenting is to try and obtain ISO accreditation or just to get the processes down in writing.