MEANDI Whippets

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Background to Meandi Whippets

Di got involved in whippets in 1986 and since then we have had 11 whippets (excluding puppies that have moved to new homes) and there have been 6 litters. Di only breeds when she wants to improve the quality of whippets and produce a new puppy to show.

The Meandi Whippet Story (so far) 


Di’s Christmas present in 1986 was PAMRAYS PEACE ON EARTH AT MEANDI, a blue brindle/white parti bitch – “Sparkle” was our foundation bitch, and gave us 16 years of devoted companionship. A wonderful nature, intelligent and Di’s constant friend.


Sparkle's pups

Sparkle's only litter in 1988, by Ch. Capo Di Monte produced our first Junior Warrant Winner, the fawn/white parti bitch MEANDI MOTHER OF PEARL- “Pearl”.


This represented a good mix of ‘Allgarth and ‘Glenbervie’ lines.

Rose, Pearl & Sparkle


Pearl was in turn mated to a Ch.Capo Di Monte son, Allgarth Paramount, and produced our Res. CC winning pale fawn/white parti bitch MEANDI ROSE MANDARIN. “Rose” was a quality girl with a mind of her own. Not always easy to show, but with a lot of ring presence, when it suited her!


Picture right shows Rose with her mate Ritz in the garden July 1994. For information about Ritz see the English Setter page.


Chloe at 10 weeks old

Rose's litter was to the super winner producing sire Ch. Cobyco Cavalier, and a lovely brindle and white bitch - MEANDI ROSE POMPADOUR – “Chloe” was our next generation. Chloe excelled in movement and outline, and enjoyed her showing more than her mum, but she very sadly had to be spayed after a bad pyometra. At the same time we had to face the loss of Rose, tragically early. This was a bad set back, and thinking we had lost our line, we had to consider buying in to continue.



We were very fortunate to be able to purchase a beautiful Cavalier daughter CATCHACRE EVANGELINE OF MEANDI “Evie” from Ann Hendricksen. This was a super litter that contained Ch. Catchacre Tigerlily of Barnesmore and Catchacre Fieldsman, both CC winners. Evie, an elegant, sound brindle with white trim, with a very correct outline, won well for us, and was consistently placed in top company at Ch. Shows, and had a Res.CC, and her stud book no. She was a very special girl, always 'Little Miss Perfect' - never in trouble, always willing obedient and a super show girl. We were so fortunate to share our lives with her for fourteen and a half years - especially as aged 9 she suffered a neurological problem, that meant she was given a prognosis of 6 months to live at that time. She had to be spayed after having a difficult caesarian to produce her litter in 2005 which produced our own Mabel and Swedish Ch MEANDI CHASE THE DREAM (see below). Her death in October 2014 has left a big hole.

Evie's litter at 3 days old


Quite unexpectedly in 2001 we were able to purchase a fawn bitch PAMRAYS THORN BIRD OF MEANDI – “Peaches” who is a great grandaughter of Sparkle, through her son Meandi Mr Meissen. She is a granddaugter of Ch. Oakbark Mane Attraction and Ch. Oakbark Mystic Meg, a bitch we greatly admired.

This proved an opportunity to continue our line, and in 2003 she had a lovely litter by ‘Catchacre Fieldsman’, and a white and fawn parti bitch MEANDI MAIDEN OVER “Maddy” was retained. From this cricketing litter, a brindle dog MEANDI THIRD MAN has also been shown, and both represented the kennel at CRUFTS in 2004.



The next edition to our “family” was MEANDI BEAUTIFUL DREAMER Mabel a daughter of Evie and Ch. Fullerton Dream Mover who can trace his pedigree back to 1992 CRUFTS Best in Show Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold. Mabel has been very successful at all levels of showing winning her Junior Warrant and Stud book number as well as continuing to represent MEANDI at CRUFTS.

The picture of Di and Mabel (right) was taken at CRUFTS..


Chase being shown in Sweden

Meanwhile, her brother, MEANDI CHASE THE DREAM in Sweden achieved his Ch title at just 2 and is now a sire of several very promising litters. For more information see the Khalibadh and Adagio kennel websites ( and In the UK her sister Meandi Sweet Little Mystery and brother Meandi Dare to Dream both achieved championship show awards


Mabel had her first litter on June 1st 2009, the sire being SPINNEYHILL RAINMAKER OF RAILFIELD, there being 2 dogs and 2 bitchesMEANDI MISTER SUNSHINE, MEANDI SUNNY BOY, MEANDI MORNING STAR OF FEDAYE and our own MEANDI BRIGHT STAR “Pollyall of which have been shown and achieved good places at champ and open shows



Unfortunately Mabel has sustained an injury and will not be bred from again and Polly did not enjoy showing so the kennel is now represented in the show ring by her three siblings as above. Di has had the pleasure of handling Colin and Tracy Wilson's MEANDI SUNNY BOY “Freddie successfully since 2011, and he continues to be campaigned handled either by Di or Tracy, and he gained his stud book number in 2013.

Picture right (courtesy of Colin Wilson) shows Freddie giving his mate Finnegan a run for his money!


In 2012 we were priviledged to have PASHARIF PLAYING IT SOFTLY "Spice" join MEANDI - sire: CH. SPINNEYHILL RAINMAKER OF RAILFIELD, dam: CH SPINNEYHILL NUTMEG FOR PASHARIF. Spice has fitted in so well and is a fun loving, affectionate girl. Her brother and sisters have done well in the ring for their breeder, Mary Davies and Mr & Mrs C & T Wilson



Darcy at Crufts 2017

In partnership with Tracy Wilson we were fortunate to have a new addition in July 2014, in SHALFLEET AMBER NECTAR AT MEANDI - "Darcy", sire: SHALFLEET SIMPLY JAZZ TIME, dam: CHASEOVER LOVE AT ARMS, born 9th January 2014. Thanks to breeder Jane Wilton Clark for this super puppy. She has started her show career well, with 1st's and 2nd's at 3 championship shows attended and we hope she can follow in the paw prints of her illustrious grandfather, CH SHALFLEET SIMPLY A LORD - Troy, now the dog CC record holder.

In 2015 she continued her winning ways and in April 2016 has now won her way out of Graduate with a fabulous win under renowned breed specialist Mr Bo Bengtson (USA)

Now in Limit, Darcy is cosistently placed at most ch. shows.

She may be mated in 2018.




Di’s judging career (so far)


Di has been judging whippets since 1991 and has served on the Midland Whippet Club since 1995. She has judged the Limited show for The Whippet Club of Wales and in 2003 she had the privilege of judging bitches at The Whippet Club open show. Her first Championship show appointment awarding CC’s in Whippets was at Darlington in 2007 and bitches at Whippet Club of Wales 2010, followed by Dogs at South Yorkshire Whippet Club and dogs at The Whippet Club in 2015. In 2017 Di judged bitches at the Whippet Club of Wales Champ show. Pictures (right) as shown on the Whippet Club of Wales website (