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When she left Bromsgrove High School, Di spent a year at Stourbridge Art College but was put off drawing and painting by the tutors who thought that the only way forward in art was abstract, whereas Di's natural way of drawing was to faithfully reproduce what she saw.

She then went to Leeds University where she studied fine art and said she would take up practical art again once she retired! This she did when she started going to Pam's art classes in 2010.

Her style is to paint as lifelike as possible and her preference is to use oils, although she has dabbled in most media thanks to Pam's classes!

Dave, on the other hand never showed any artistic ability and when he joined Pam's first Thursday morning classes in 2011,  for "beginners", he was asked by Pam what his art experience was. He said he knew how to draw a cheque and paint the front door and that was his limit! He believes that some people (like Di) are natural artists whilst others (like himself) are not.

He admits that he doesn't know what his "style" is - or even if he has one! He has tried most media and various subjects from abstract to nudes, and enjoys painting buildings especially those built in the art deco style.

He says he has two major problems - his impatience - which means he favours acrylics and water colours "because they dry quicker" - and the second being that he sometimes cannot really "see" a colour - somewhat of a problem if you want to be an artist!

The banner a the top of this page shows 3 of Di's paintings (the first, third and fourth) and two of Dave's (second and fifth). To see more of Di's paintings click here, or to see more of Dave's pictures click here - both will open PDF's (use the back arrow to return to this page from the PDF!). The pictures can be seen by going to www.pamsartclasses.co.uk/Artists.htm and then click on their pictures.



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