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I first worked in the Marketing Area in the mid 1970's in what is now called "Product Management", but in those days was called "Research and Development". The role was to understand the market needs for a computerised business system for Ford main dealers and then design a product that would sell (and it did - to 75% of the UK dealers!). I ended up as Marketing Manager of that company with several Product Managers working for me.

In the early 1990's I moved into the Healthcare Industry and continued work as Product Manager but also taking on full PR responsibility for the company (approx £20m turnover). When I moved back into Sales Management for them I took on the responsibility of advertising with a £1m annual budget to drive leads for sales to end users (B2C).

In my Marketing roles I have written articles, designed brochures and other sales literature, created Press Releases, organised events, organised exhibition stands and designed and created adverts.

One of my main achievements was in the creation and running of the World's first ever modelling competition for disabled models (in 1995) which was covered by nearly 100 magazines and newspapers, most TV stations and a number of radio stations, and led to what is believed to have been the world's first ever professionally choreographed fashion show using only people in wheelchairs (at Wembley Exhibition Centre) which was covered by BBC's Breakfast News, and also led to the setting up of the first model agency for disabled models.

I was a member of the Institute of Direct Marketing from 1996 to 2008.