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Westwood House

Welcome to our garden!


We moved to our current house in 1978 but didn’t really get into garden design until the mid 90’s, although Di would often plant new specimens, and the patio was always a riot of colour, especially in Spring, with Azaleas & Rhododendrons. The building of a dog run, that gave the dogs their half of the garden, and kept them out of ours, allowed a little more freedom for design. Di is the REAL gardener, having been brought up the daughter and grand daughter of professional gardeners, the latter having been Head Gardener to Lord Doverdale at Westwood Park in Droitwich and designer of the topiary which still survives today.

Westwood Topiary

Dave’s interest in the garden was confined to cutting the grass and hedges, when the dogs disappeared in the former and the latter became a danger to low flying aircraft. But a few years ago even Dave started taking a little more interest in all things horticultural. The fact that this coincided with a certain Charlie Dimmock appearing on Ground Force is purely coincidental! Di’s favourites are Tulips, Roses (indeed  most scented plants) and Dahlias. Dave prefers grasses and Hostas (because he can spell them!) and more recently he has taken an interest in Alpines.

The garden was first opened to “the public” in 2005, when the charitable recipient was our church in Catshill. However, we were then “persuaded” to open for the NGS in 2006, by Dave’s brother John whose garden (about 500 yards away) was already open under the NGS, together with a near neighbour. They suggested we should open at the same time, with all 3 gardens being called “Marlbrook Gardens” and the 9 years that followed we raised over £25,000 for charity. 2015 was our 10th year of opening. The picture on the right shows County Support Officer, Jane, resenting us with our 10 year award.


In 2018 Marlbrook Gardens (as two gardens) will only be open once - on Sunday August 12th from 1.30 pm until 5.30 pm. However our garden will also be open on its own on Saturday May 12th from 5 pm until 9 pm, with a free glass of wine to paying visitors. More details from www.ngs.org.uk

In 2009 Dave took on the responsibility of Publicity Officer for the NGS in Worcestershire, writing press releases for garden openings, articles for various magazines and producing posters for libraries and tourist information centres.


After 5 years in this role, in October 2013, he was asked to take on the County Organiser's role which he is now doing. As such he also gives talks to organisations in the area about the NGS and gardening and a full list of his current planned talks can be found here. Please note that anyone interested in attending any of these talks should liaise with the organisation hosting the talk and not with Dave.


If you run an organisation and require a talk please contact Dave through meandi@btinternet.com

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